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Most Wanted: Music: Volunteers needed!



We are looking for volunteers who want to gain hands-on experience in organizing this year’s MW:M. As part of the team, you will learn how to organize and execute a professional hybrid event. Help us negotiate A New Deal the music industry needs. Apply now!

MW:M22 volunteers: Teamwork always wins!

Our MW:M22 volunteers should be professional, reliable and culturally sensitive. You will be part of the global change in music industry and get the opportunity to meet with music managers, artists, and powerful decision-makers. These are the areas we need your support in:

∙ Set-up and Dismantling assistant

∙ Registration

∙ All-Arounders

∙ Speaker Support

∙ Stage Management

∙ Room Management

∙ Catering

∙ Social Media Assistant

∙ Team Leaders

MW:M22 volunteers: When do we need your support?

7th & 8th of November 22: event set-up

8th of November 22: listen to berlin: Awards – official kick-off of MW:M22!

9th & 10th of November 22: MW:M Convention (main conference days)

10th of November 22: MW:M Satellites – side events all over Berlin + MW:M Live Showcase Festival + dismantling/load-out

Looking forward to your applications and we thank you for your support!

More infos: https://mwm-berlin.de/blog/mwm22-call-for-volunteers

Click here to apply: https://forms.gle/kMGxyhk9BDMfaVxF8

Photo by Stefan Wieland 

Veröffentlicht am 09/27/2022
 Most Wanted: Music: Volunteers needed!